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Whitelands College Guild

The Association for all Whitelanders

Membership is open to all present and past students and staff of Whitelands College. Anyone interested in furthering the aims of the Guild may also join if approved.

There are two types of members:

1. Voting members

Annual Members - Those who pay the full annual subscription. These include current students who have elected to become voting members.

Life Members - those who have paid a one-off compounded subscription. (This type of membership can no longer be purchased.)

Honorary Members and Vice-Presidents - special membership conferred by an AGM – need not pay a subscription.

2. Non-Voting members

Associate Members - relatives and friends proposed and accepted for membership. The membership fee is currently a quarter of the normal Annual Membership fee. An extra

charge is made if a copy of the Newsletter is required.

Student Members - Any student registered for a course at Whitelands College by request – need not pay a subscription but a charge is made if a copy of the Newsletter is required.

The Membership officer is Gwendolyn Horn - please contact her for full details of

membership and an application form at admin@whitelandscollegeguild.org.